2017 in Review

My goal in 2017 was to continue to create cool projects and explore avenues to sell them at.  The year started with a successful Garden Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.  I’m a little busy from March through June with my greenhouse business.  I always have items for sale in concert with selling plants, a lot of my creations fit well in a garden setting.

In July, I was invited to be an Artist in the Garden for the Wood County Master Gardener Garden Walk in Wisconsin Rapids.  It was a wonderful day and I saw some good friends.  That is what most of the day was really about for me, but I did sell a few things as well.

I was interested in trying a couple of the popular flea markets.  They are one-day events and do not cost a lot to participate.  There is no jury to pass and do not have to commit way ahead of time.  I traveled up to St. Germain for one of their very popular Monday flea markets in early August.  It was a nice day and from talking to others, it was a big vendor day.  Also, in talking to others, it was not a big customer day.  I sold a few things, enough to cover my costs, but that was about it.  I have figured to be successful at this type of event, you need to be more consistent.  Unfortunately, I don’t feel that is a good way to spend my time.  Especially to go that distance.

In October, I participated in Bayfield’s Applefest.  It was a 3-day event in beautiful Bayfield, Wisconsin.  The weather turned out quite fantastic.  It sprinkled for much of the day on Saturday, but it didn’t deter the people.  From the sounds of it, even in really cold weather, people come out to celebrate.  My goal at an event is to spend 40% of my show income on show expenses.  Basically, if I can come home with 60% of the money I earn at the show, it passes my test.  This show passes and I plan to return again next year.  On top of my actual show sales, I got an order and subsequent sale of a dragonfly and a wrench table.

In November, I got into Holidaze Art and Craft show in LaCrosse.  I was originally signed up for a 2-day show in Eau Claire, but it was cancelled a couple months before the show.  I scrambled a little and got accepted into the LaCrosse show.  I’ve always said, everything happens for a reason.  Turned out to be a good show.  Four days is a long time to be at a show.  But I’m planning on doing it again next year!  Passed my test!

So I’m planning on doing more multi day shows in 2018, starting with Garden Expo in February.  I’ll post my upcoming shows when I fill in my schedule.


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