My Wonderful Work Space

A place to weld, that has lots of light, and space, and warmth.  It’s a girl’s dream, right?  I guess that means dreams can come true.  Honestly, I can’t complain about any of my work spaces.  When I started out, I was at my parent’s shed.  It was convenient to get to, I had a wood burning stove to warm things up, and when I finished my work at the greenhouse, I could go do some welding.

Original work space

My next area was in the corner of the garage where I live.  Also really handy to just walk outside to go to work, come in to warm up, have lunch, see the animals, all the benefits of working from home.  And I had a decent amount of space and light.  I used a torpedo heater that I got at an auction and rigged up with a vice grip on those super cold times when I had to get some things done.

Steve, Sandy, and Doc Fuz being good “helpers”

In late fall on 2017, after Thanksgiving, I moved all of my equipment and supplies to my new location.  It is where we are planning to live in the near future, so I will have all the benefits of working at home.  My area is in the southeast corner of the shop.  A 7′ x 4′ window on the east side and 2 that size on the south side.  It is fully insulated and just the sun keeps it pretty warm in there.  I have a bowl of water for Thor (the dog), and it hasn’t frozen yet.  Even after nights below zero outside and days in the single digits.  There is a wood burning stove on the other end of the shop, and that certainly helps.  Especially when I am there a few days in a row.  And 10′ ceilings.  And outlets for everything.  Wonderful, just wonderful.  Now we just need a toilet…  😉



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