Soy Candles and Melts

I love candles.  The right smell at a certain time of the year, or your favorite at anytime, can be so uplifting and therapeutic.  And everyone seems to like candles.  And I needed a good excuse to stay inside during the worst weather days.  And this was something I could do in the kitchen besides bake – I’m m=not much for baking…

I decided to create high quality, double scented soy candles, in a variety of scents and two sizes.  I decided to use the soy wax and an eco-wick so the candles would not give off harmful soot or chemicals when burned.  The smaller size is 8 oz and the larger is 16.  I have expanded to 27 scents, ranging from the earthy nortic spa, to a warm and cozy cappucino, to the ever popular Patchouli and my personal favorite Watermelon Lemonade.  Here is the full list of flavors for 2017:



Spiced Apple
Autumn Harvest
Berry Bramble
Blueberry Cobbler
Life’s a Beach
Country Breeze
Cucumber Melon
French Vanilla
Grey Dawn
Lily of the Valley
Monkey Farts
Nordic Spa
Holiday Cheer
Storm Watch
Watermelon Lemonade
Winter Wonderland
Zanzibar Clove

I also realized that some people to not burn candles regardless of how clean burning they claim to be.  I respect that decision.  I have recently included melts in many of the same flavors as the candles to be used with melters.  Each block is 2/3rd of an ounce.  6 blocks per package for a total of 4 oz per package.


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